The Football Pink Fanzine Issue 9


The Football Pink Fanzine Issue 9


The Football Pink is a collection of writers and bloggers who bring their opinions, musings, observations and stories from all over the world to fans of ‘The Beautiful Game’.

Issue 9 is here, hot on the heels of the successful Italia ’90 25th anniversary edition.

So what can you expect to find inside this edition?

* Is it time we laid off Milton Keynes Dons?

* 1985 – English football’s ‘Year Zero’?

* Erno Erbstein’s pre-Il Grande Torino success

* Valeri Lobanovskiy’s last stand

* Profile of the fist happy official who once dismissed Pele

* Football’s Victorian class struggles

* African migration and Istanbul’s Cup of Nations

* Going behind the scenes of small time football at Hitchin

* Deconstructing the game’s macho culture and mental illness

* The East Germans stepping out from the lengthy shadows of the past

* The game that changed Italian football forever

* Being blinded by faith and numbers. Hope beyond hope for your club.

* Does the Labour party’s alienated present hint at the Premier League’s future?

* Sexy football, Finnish style.

* The lack of goalkeepers in management

* Horticulture and heroines – lost stories of the Spartans

* The sky’s the limit – the advantage of altitude

* Burnley’s own Soviet-style dictator

* None for all, and all for none – ditching TV replays

So, what are you waiting for? Get Issue 9 now!