The Football Pink Fanzine Issue 5


The Football Pink Fanzine Issue 5


The Football Pink is a collection of writers and bloggers who bring their opinions, musings, observations and stories from all over the world to fans of ‘The Beautiful Game’.

Coming out, as it does, around the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, this edition is dedicated to the footballing men and women of that brutal conflict. Indeed, the theme of the entire magazine is given over to the link between war and football over the centuries – whether that be on the Home Front, the fields of Flanders, the streets of Buenos Aires or the villages of the Balkans.

With the usual mix of eclectic, poignant stories and thought-provoking opinion, Issue 5 promises to be another must read for those who like something different from their football fanzine.

Here are some highlights of what’s inside Issue 5:

Arthur Conan Doyle’s WWI recruitment drive

Scottish heroism

Florence’s renaissance football war

Arsenal’s wartime sacrifice

El Clasico’s evolution through conflict

The Football Pals battalions

Arkan’s influence in the Balkan game

What did you do in the war? – A roll call of footballer’s contributions

Argentina, football and political crossfire

England and the language of war

The future of Crimean football

Side by side – an account of the average football-mad Tommy

Cormac McCarthy, conflict and football

Belgium’s lost wonderkid

Poland and ‘The Final Game’