The Football Pink Fanzine Issue 12


The Football Pink Fanzine Issue 12


The Football Pink is a collection of writers and bloggers who bring their opinions, musings, observations and stories from all over the world to fans of ‘The Beautiful Game’.

Squeezing itself in between Jamie Vardy having a party and England's inevitable French failure, Issue 12 of The Football Pink magazine is lurking in the shadows, ready to jump out at you like a B5-sized literary mugger armed to the teeth with razor sharp football miscellany. 

What's in store for you when it shows up?

•Fairytales and broken hearts: The Salford City effect

•The forgotten man who stood up to Johan Cruyff

•When the Galloping Major met the Joy of the People

•The Miracle of Copenhagen

•West Ham's windfall and its impact on local grass roots football

•Mexico 86 and the end of the Great Raymondo

•When the Germans invaded Derbyshire

•The 90s wonderkid who went from boot deals to black cabs

•Crimes against humanity: a Bangladeshi tale

•How Lawrie McMenemy stole my heart: All Saints, no sinners

•Misplaced cars and misplaced vowels: it's a South Yorkshire thing

•The evil of the proposed European Super League

•Cool Britannia and Gazza's last lamented lunge

•From misery to Inverness: Hibs talk

•Jack Warner, Witchcraft and Baby Doc: Haiti at the World Cup

•Wormholes: the opium of nostalgia and connection

•Fighting back: the Italian who beat cancer twice

•Two fiery rectums please, chief: a world of football snacks

•Easels for goalposts: Football's artistic XI