Proper Magazine Issue 20 (MAGP20A)


Proper Magazine Issue 20 (MAGP20A)

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"Just like our very first issue we continue to create something that we ourselves would genuinely want to read, rather than a magazine that tries to sell you 20 grand watches or show you how to do up a bow-tie."

Not my words Carol, the words of Neil from Proper Magazine! The twentieth issue of Proper Mag is here and it's as good as ever. 

From fanzine photocopied beginnings to the flashy number it is now, in their biggest issue to date, you'll find: 

  • Swedish trekking in nice jackets while carrying more baggage than Sven's personal life.
  • Cracking coats from Stone Island, North Face, Mt. Rainier Design and loads more.
  • A delve into the Levi's archive in San Francisco. 
  • Artwork by Marcus Reed from his forthcoming book.
  • Fjallraven in the Lake District, through the lens of Microdot's Brian Cannon.
  • A look at Czechoslovakian architecture and social savvy shoemakers, Bata. 
  • Modern Studies by 6876.
  • The reggae artwork of dancehall king Wilfred Limonious.

We've got a few different covers of these, so take your pick here.

Big thanks to Mark and Neil for working with us. Proper is a true inspiration to lads like ourselves up and down the country.