The Football Pink Fanzine Issue 16

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The Football Pink Fanzine Issue 16


Featuring an article on Juninho's unlikely love affair with the Boro, issue 16 of The Football Pink is now available through our site.

Issue 16 is dedicated to the 90s and a decade of change for the English game, with stories celebrating the good, the bad and the ugly of the era.

If that wasn't enough, there's also a musical thread woven throughout, so expect a fully Loaded issue with a Supernova of 90s references.

More from TFP themselves:

England. The 1990s.

It was the decade that gave us the Premier League, Sky TV, and all-seater stadia. Foreign stars gave up their cushy lives and luxury villas in Italy and France to wow us with their silky skills and spin our heads with tales of seagulls and fishermen.

There was Baggy, Britpop, Grunge, Garage, Rave, Girl Power and Mmmbop - whatever the hell that was.

Issue 16 is dedicated to a time of great change in the English game with stories celebrating the good, the bad and the ugly of an era when all we wanted was to be free to do what we wanted to do, get Loaded, and have a good time.

Here's what's inside the latest offering:

  • Alive and Kicking - The Premier League launches in a blaze of glory, colour and miming ravers.
  • The Concept - Rebirth and reinvention. Times were changing and we had to change with them.
  • Loaded - the 90s. Was it really as great as we remember?
  • Sit Down - the immediate and long term consequences of the Taylor Report
  • Sour Times - the redemption of Graham Taylor
  • Rid of Me - Sugar and Venables. A match made in heaven, a divorce from hell.
  • Last Cup of Sorrow - how the last incarnation of the Anglo-Italian Cup was finally killed off for good
  • Children - 'You'll never win anything with kids'. Well they did. Good luck or good planning? Manchester United, Class of '92 and all that.
  • My Big Mouth - the strife and times of John Sitton
  • Killing Me Softly With His Song - from bankrupt despair to Brazilian flair; Juninho's unlikely love affair with Middlesbrough
  • A Design for Life - the death knell for some of Archibald Leitch's great stadium creations
  • Let Me Be Your Fantasy - the birth and explosion of the Fantasy Football phenomenon
  • Song 2 - how football and music got cosier as marketing tools for each other
  • Taillights Fade - a look at the smaller clubs whose hopes for greatness were extinguished as the Premier League sailed without them.
  • Mr. Vain - the making of a Spice Boy
  • Bittersweet Symphony - Blackburn Rovers' rise and fall; an exercise in rights and wrongs
  • Loser - Torben Piechnik and other scapegoats
  • Jeremy - Norwich City take on Europe's best with an unsung hero at the helm
  • Vogue - the 90s were the decade known for some ropey football attire. Goalkeepers were the prime culprits.
  • Basket Case - how to lose friends and alienate people by Deadly Doug, Villa's Villain.

Don't Look Back In Anger - I heard you say...