Proper Magazine Issue 21 - Portuguese Flannel Cover

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Proper Magazine Issue 21 - Portuguese Flannel Cover

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To celebrate their 21st birthday and the fact that they’ve (almost) made it through one of the maddest years on record, Proper decided to pull out all the stops for you on this landmark issue. 


- Gary Warnett’s expert Lava Dome knowledge 

- Ray Tonkel talking about the early days at Blue Ribbon aka Nike 

- adidas designer Chris Law and Oi Polloi’s Nigel Lawson enthusing about the beloved three stripes. 

- A look around Vancouver and all their best clothes shops 

- An angle from the big apple as we drop in on the Battenwear crew at their utterly brilliant Bivouac store. 

- An interview with Morrissey cover band Mexrrissey 

- A look behind the scenes at Portuguese Flannel 

- A selection of Scandinavian style products to help you hibernate this winter. 

- Serious trainspotting vibes thanks to a new book that celebrates the beauty of British Rail design 

- Interview with Mr Nigel Cabourn. 

- Characteristic hikerdelic happenings involving a couple in a bedroom wearing hats and socks. 

- An insight into the world of illustrator Ben Lamb and a sneak peek at his new project for Proper. 

- A very well dressed urban explorer risking life, limb and his expensive jackets just for your viewing pleasure.

Big thanks to Mark and Neil for working with us. Proper is a true inspiration to lads like ourselves up and down the country.